Tuesday, February 24, 2015

3-in-1 Travel Wallet by Valhalla

My family loves to travel but there is always the danger of having your wallet or purse stolen so I usually try to carry a cross body purse. But when you are places like amusement parks it really isn't much fun carrying around a purse all day so I usually just let my husband carry his wallet and pay for everything and that way we have one less thing to keep up with. The problem with that is wallets do some times fall out of pockets or you bump into a pick pocket in a big crown and don't notice your wallet is gone till it is to late. That is where this 3-in-1 travel wallet by Valhalla comes in to save the day! You can now wear your wallet under your shirt so no one knows it is there and no one is going to be able to slide it off you without you noticing even in the busiest of crowds.

 This travel wallet is very easy to put on you just put the top loop around your neck and stick your arm threw the same hole and then unbuckle the other strap and buckle it around your waist like a belt. Both straps are easily adjustable so that it will securely and comfortable fit people of many sizes. This really is a great idea and much better than fanny packs which can be ripped off you. My husband will definitely be wearing this on our next vacation!

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